Wearing Your Baby

Parents all over the world wear their babies. They wear them different ways and for different reasons, but with the same beautiful result – a baby who is secure, attached, and aware.

Babywearing busts the myth that holding young babies will cause them to become “spoiled” or develop the need to be held all the time. Research continues to show that when young babies are held frequently, they feel safe and secure and they learn to trust other humans. This actually helps a baby to be more independent as they get older. Trust is vital for humans to develop healthy relationships with other humans. See our information on Won’t I Spoil My Baby?

Research shows that babies who are worn:

  • Tend to cry less, an observation that anthropologists have seen around the world.
  • Spend more time in a quiet alert state. This is when babies are most content and most able to interact and learn from the world around them. Being worn allows babies to be “where the action is.” This helps them to absorb more from their environment while feeling safe and secure.
  • Appear to be better balanced since being in a carrier mimics the rhythm of being in utero. The familiar heartbeat and breathing of mom, as well as the rhythm of walking, makes for a smoother transition to independent life, or life on the outside.

There are benefits for parents, too!

  • Babywearing is convenient for parents and may be more comfortable than holding your baby.  
  • Cuddling close in a carrier is a wonderful way to get to know your baby, and for your baby to get to know you! This bonding is an amazing benefit for mothers, fathers, grandparents, and every adult in a baby’s life.
  • Babywearing has been found to be helpful for mental health, especially for mothers with postpartum depression or anxiety. Wearing your baby allows you to keep your baby safe and secure, while allowing you to have your hands free.

The Basics of Babywearing (see reverse side) covers important considerations to help you safely wear your baby. Continued practice will also help you become more comfortable!


  • is a wonderful resource. The local Babywearing International of Omaha (BWIO) chapter has a Facebook page; like or message the page for meeting dates and times. There is also a closed group. It is a great place for discussion and in-depth virtual assistance.
  • The following YouTube channels have great videos on correctly using different carriers: Wrapping Rachel | Britt Brown Marsh | Wrap You In Love.
  • has “How To” forums and reviews of carriers.
  • MilkWorks O offers a monthly Breastfeeding & Babywearing class.