Consultation Services and Fees at MilkWorks Lincoln

Mothers who are experiencing breastfeeding concerns are encouraged to schedule an appointment to see an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (known as an IBCLC). A mother’s first (Initial) appointment is ~60-90 minutes in length. All medical supplies used during a consult, including the short term use of a Medical Need (Hospital Grade) rental pump, are included in the consultation fee. Follow Up appointments are ~45-60 minutes in length. Drop in or scheduled weight checks and phone calls may also be part of your care. We encourage you to be seen until your baby is feeding well and you are comfortable with breastfeeding.

Our goal is to help you breastfeed your baby. We do not want financial concerns to keep you from obtaining the help that you need. Please feel free to discuss fees with our billing department at any time. As a non-profit, we have established a Best Beginnings Fund consisting of a limited number of grants and donations from foundations and individuals. These funds are designated to cover fees for low income families.

Private Insurance plans are required to provide breastfeeding help as part of the Affordable Care Act. Coverage is for a mother, not a baby. We encourage you to contact your insurance plan to verify coverage.

  • If your insurance plan covers breastfeeding help and we are an in network provider for your plan, we will file directly with your plan. Breastfeeding help is a preventive service and should not be subject to a deductible or co-pay. You will not receive a bill for our services unless your plan interprets this differently. We are not able to guarantee coverage of our services by your insurance plan.
  • If your insurance plan does NOT cover breastfeeding help, or we are NOT an in-network provider, we provide an out-of-pocket, discounted consultation fee. We do not file for insurance reimbursement under this option. Payment is made at the time of an appointment. If you have a Health Savings or Flex Savings Account, you may want to submit this fee for reimbursement. We do not want financial concerns to keep you from obtaining the help that you need. Further reduced fees or a payment plan are available based upon need. We subsidize reduced fees with income from the proceeds of our retail items.
  • There may be exceptions to the above. Please call our billing department (402-423-6402 ext. 103) for additional information.

Medicaid Insurance plans do not currently provide coverage for breastfeeding help. We are committed to helping all mothers breastfeed their babies. As a non-profit organization, MilkWorks accepts tax deductible donations and applies for grants to help provide care for low income families.

  • If you and your baby ONLY have Medicaid Insurance, OR, if you have private insurance that does NOT cover breastfeeding help and you or your baby have Medicaid Insurance, we will access grants and donations to cover the cost of your care. You will not be billed for your consultation appointments.

No Insurance - If you do not have any insurance, we encourage you to take advantage of our out-of-pocket, discounted consult fees (see information above under Private Insurance). However, if your baby has Medicaid Insurance, we will access grants and donations from our Best Beginnings Fund to cover your fees.