Lincoln Postpartum Support Resource List

MilkWorks understands that pregnancy and childbirth can result in depression and/or anxiety, which may make it harder for you to breastfeed and mother your baby. We routinely screen mothers using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS). If you score high, we strongly encourage you to seek support and/or treatment.  

We recommend that you see your  Primary Care Provider, Obstetrician, or Nurse-Midwife to seek treatment and to rule out any possible medical causes for depression, including a low thyroid level or a vitamin deficiency.

While there are numerous therapists, counselors, and support groups in our community, the following resources have been recommended to us.

Information current as of 03.26.2018

Counseling/Mental Health Therapists
  • Jamie Heng, MS, LMHP, CDGC, PLADC: 2320 South 48th Street, Suite 100 | 402-413-6247 (Jamie accepts all Medicaid plans and most major private insurance plans. Call and ask for intake coordinator. Request an appointment with Jamie. Appointments are usually available within one week.)
  • Karen Marker, MA, LMHP, PLADC: 1919 South 40th Street, Suite 111 | 402-413-9583 (Karen accepts all Medicaid and most private insurance plans, as well as a sliding scale. May call or text to schedule an appointment. Appointments are usually available within days to a week.)
  • Shelley Freeman, PhD, LMHP: 7441 O Street, Suite 402 | 402-483-42156, ext. 1 (Dr. Freeman does not accept Medicaid or United Health Care. Call and leave a message. Include type of insurance and whether they are available during the day. Appointments are usually available within a week, or sooner.)
  • Family Medicine - Behavioral Clinic: 4500 Valley Road, Suite 200 | 402-483-4571. (Services provided by Tynne Muggy, MA, LIMHP, PLADC, or Karla Wiedel, LMHP, LADC. Mom or baby do NOT have to be a client at LFMC. They accept all Medicaid and most private insurance plans, as well as a sliding scale. To schedule an appointment, call and ask to speak with Deb Campbell. Appointments are usually available within 1 to 2 weeks.)
  • Health 360 – Behavioral Health: 2301 O Street | 402-506-9303 or 402-506-9281. (Mom or baby must be a patient of People’s Health Center or Health 360. MilkWorks may text Karina at 402-318-4612 to help facilitate an appointment. Let her know that the mom is a MilkWorks client. Brenda Meredith does the consultations; she works closely with Helen Trotter, PMHNP-BC, for medications.)
Nurse Practitioners who specialize in Women’s Mental Health 
  • Gena Foster, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, Wholehearted Healthcare: 4701 Bancroft Avenue | 402-730-9819 (Office cell phone – please text or leave a message. MilkWorks may also text Gena directly to help facilitate an appointment. Gena does not accept Medicaid, United Health Care or TriCare.)
  • Jill Brandl, PMHNP-BC, APHN-BC, Bryan Heartland Psychiatry: 2221 South 17th Street, Suite 202 | 402-483-8555 (Jill accepts all Medicaid and Private insurance plans. Please let Jill's office know that you have been referred by MilkWorks.)
Hospital Based Emergency Mental Health

Bryan Health West Campus at 2300 South 16th Street is open 24 hours a day if a mother is in imminent danger of hurting herself or her baby.

Mother’s Breastfeeding Support Groups siblings are welcome to attend!
  • MilkWorks: 5930 So. 58th Street | 402-423-6402. Every Tuesday & Wednesday from 10-11:30 am. Babies & older children welcome. No cost to attend.
  • La Leche League of Lincoln: Free mother to mother breastfeeding support located at different sites around Lincoln.
MotherWoman {Lincoln, NE Groups}

MotherWoman is a free, confidential, space where moms can talk about adjustment to motherhood and leave feeling connected, refreshed and ready to face another day! Feel heard, valued, understood, nurtured and energized. 

  • Facilitated by Wholehearted Healthcare at 4701 Bancroft Avenue on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8 pm. Please call 402-730-9819 or check the private Facebook group for schedule changes.
  • Facilitated by Miriam and Alex from MilkWorks at ConnectioN Point, 1333 No. 33rd Street (33rd & Starr near East Campus), held every 2nd & 4th Monday from 7:00 – 8:30 pm. Please visit calendar for schedule changes. 
On Line Support
Mother and Baby Food and Social Support Services
  • Women Infant and Children (WIC) Food Supplement
    • Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department, 3140 N Street | 402-441-6200
    • Family Service, 501 South 7th Street | 402-441-7949
  • Cedars Family Support: Includes a variety of free, voluntary home visitation programs, including Healthy Families America. Text Raegan Brown at 402.617.8897 and she will help a mother determine the best resource for her. 
Exercise, Fitness, Yoga and Meditation Resources
  • Lotus House of Yoga: Free mom and baby yoga offered at Pine Lake Road. Visit website for dates and times | 402-423-0753
  • FitMom at Bryan LifePointe: Punch card for 6 weeks of classes (cost $45), day care on site ($15 per month or $5 per session) | 402-481-6300