Lincoln Postpartum Support Resource List

MilkWorks understands that pregnancy and childbirth can result in depression and/or anxiety, which may make it harder for you to breastfeed and mother your baby. We routinely screen mothers using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS). If you score high, we strongly encourage you to seek support and/or treatment.  

We recommend that you see your  Primary Care Provider, Obstetrician, or Nurse-Midwife to seek treatment and to rule out any possible medical causes for depression, including a low thyroid level or a vitamin deficiency.

While there are numerous therapists, counselors, and support groups in our community, the following resources have been recommended to us.

Information current as of January, 2019

On Line Support
Mother and Baby Food and Social Support Services
  • Women Infant and Children (WIC) Food Supplement
    • Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department, 3140 N Street | 402-441-6200
    • Family Service, 501 South 7th Street | 402-441-7949
  • Cedars Family Support: Includes a variety of free, voluntary home visitation programs, including Healthy Families America. Text Raegan Brown at 402.617.8897 and she will help a mother determine the best resource for her. 
Exercise, Fitness, Yoga and Meditation Resources
  • Lotus House of Yoga: Free mom and baby yoga offered at Pine Lake Road. Visit website for dates and times | 402-423-0753
  • FitMom at Bryan LifePointe: Punch card for 6 weeks of classes (cost $45), day care on site ($15 per month or $5 per session) | 402-481-6300