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A Taste for Vegetables

A Taste for Vegetables

Why does breastfeeding help protect against obesity? Information points to multiple reasons. Babies may be able to control their intake better at the breast. Not only do they have to work to get the milk, but they can more easily stop when they are full. In addition, a fast flow bottle may deliver formula very quickly, before a baby’s blood sugar has time to rise and a baby has time to feel full. Human milk also contains satiety hormones that may help a baby to eat less and be more satisfied. It may also have to do with other hormones found in breast milk that help to regulate blood sugar.

The latest evidence points to the fact that when babies are breastfed they develop a taste for the food that their mothers are eating. This is different from a baby who only drinks formula and is exposed to only the taste of formula. This concept is called “flavor learning” and researchers theorize that mothers can shape their children’s food preferences by eating a variety of healthy foods during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Isn't it amazing how nature has designed the perfect system for babies to learn how to like a variety of foods for their long term health and well being?