Guest Blogs

How Many Women Does it Take to Run MilkWorks?

Today's answer: 32.

Yes - we've grown from the original seven woman 14 years ago to a staff of 32. Day in and day out, we are weighing babies, stocking consult rooms, cleaning pumps and pump parts, advocating for our clients to their insurance companies, searching for the best breastfeeding products, writing donation and grant requests, entering data, making copies, changing lightbulbs ... Let me tell you, the business of breastfeeding is not necessarily glamorous.

But, seeing a baby gaining weight that had been struggling, and reading a thank you note from a mom who wasn't sure she would make it breastfeeding past the first week helps us realize that no task is insignificant. Just like no breastfeeding victory is insignificant. We love hearing from people we've had a hand in helping achieve their breastfeeding goals.

Forgive me for patting our staff on the back a little. I think they deserve it. In the future, there may be more than 32, or maybe less. Regardless, every single Milk Woman, past and present, has helped contribute to the success of our organization and our clients, creating a healthier community for all of us.