MilkBabies - Where Are They Now?

Did you know that our first clients are now freshmen in high school! Where does the time go?

We thought it would be fun to take a look back through the last 15 years and reconnect with moms who came to MilkWorks for help, and what their “MilkBaby” is doing now. Come back every month to enjoy a newly featured family.

In honor of our 16th birthday, meet Jody and her MilkBabies. Jody first came to MilkWorks 16 years ago with her first baby. As a loyal MilkMom, all five of her kids, including her premature twins, Natalie and Jordan, hung out at MilkWorks.

MilkWorks Senior Lactation Consultant, Suzy Meyers, has been helping mothers feed their babies at MilkWorks since we opened in 2001. For the past couple of years, on Wednesday afternoons, she can be found hosting a group consult session. In Suzy’s words, this is what Wednesday afternoon is all about.

Meet Azusa, mother of Alex and Lanha. She came to MilkWorks because breastfeeding hurt. Seven years later, she brings all her friends who are pregnant to MilkWorks so they know where they can get support.

Meet Emily and her Milk Babies! In Emily’s words, she used virtually every service that MilkWorks has to offer!

Andrea came to MilkWorks in 2009 with her new daughter, Luna. She had trouble breastfeeding her first child and knew she would need all the support she could get ...

In 2002, Chrissy came to MilkWorks with her daughter, Natalie. She claims that Natalie’s birth gave purpose to her life. Read more about Chrissy and her MilkBaby, Natalie.

Jade came to MilkWorks in 2005 with her daughter Alyssa. She was having trouble getting Alyssa to latch and her doctor told her about MilkWorks.

Shanon and Sami came to MilkWorks in 2002. MilkWorks was just over a year old, and our moms' groups were held on a sofa and a few chairs in our waiting area, right next to the weigh station. Our staff was small (less than 10), and there was no private insurance coverage for pumps or breastfeeding support......

Liz, a former MilkWorks board member shares about her first child, Britta, and what brought them to MilkWorks. Liz also shares how she's stayed involved in supporting other breastfeeding moms in Lincoln and across the state.