Meet Britta and her mom, Liz!

Meet Britta and her mom, Liz!

Liz, tell us how Britta came to be a Milk Baby-
Britta, who was born in 2006, was my first baby. I took all the classes, thinking I would be ready to be a mom and ready to nurse. Little did I know that I would get incredibly engorged once I left the hospital. I was in so much pain, my baby would not latch, and this caused more pain! Luckily I had lots of milk, but I needed help to get some relief.

What did it feel like being able to get help at MilkWorks?
The support MilkWorks gave me was critical for me and my family. I loved it that they are so family oriented and took the necessary time I needed to learn. My husband came to my appointments and he helped me practice the proper way to latch at home. This helped so much. As a new mom, there is information overload and a lack of sleep. It is tough to remember details. Having him with me at MilkWorks was very helpful. I also enjoyed being able to use the weigh station and attend moms group as well.

Tell us about your “baby” now.
Britta is nine years old and a 3rd grader at Sheridan Elementary. She has a younger sister and a younger brother and they were also MilkWorks babies. Britta loves school and being with her friends. She is a ballet dancer and has performed in several productions with the Nebraska Ballet Theater Company and the Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company. She loves basketball and soccer, plays the piano, and loves to be outside. Her faith is also very important to her.

What was her first solid food?
Rice and oatmeal –she loved everything!

What is her current favorite food?
Lasagna, which is funny since I always craved marinara with her. She also loves everything chocolate!

What was Britta’s favorite thing to do as a baby?
Be with me and be where the action was. She loved going out to lunch, going shopping at Von Maur. Anywhere I went, she was happy to go with. She also loved to snuggle on the couch.

What are her favorite activities as a nine year old?
Britta loves to be busy. She likes knowing her schedule for the week and she loves it when our family spends time with other family members or friends. Just like when she was young, she also like family movie nights and snuggling on the couch.

I understand Britta was a baby model for MilkWorks. Tell us about that.
Britta and I are both in several photos that MilkWorks has used for promotion purposes throughout the years. It is fun to see this charming baby who is now a charming girl! Her younger sister is also in some photos that the Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition took and uses on their web site and promotional materials. The girls always find it fun to see their baby pictures in ads. It feels good to know that we are helping other mothers feel comfortable breastfeeding in public or returning to work while breastfeeding.

How have you stayed involved supporting other breastfeeding moms?
I served on the board of directors for MilkWorks for several years and helped with fundraising. I have also supported breastfeeding moms in the work force by participating in panel presentations and educational videos. Several years ago, when Senator Annette Dubas introduced legislation to make breastfeeding a civil right in Nebraska, I helped to lobby for the bill. I have enjoyed supporting MilkWorks and the Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition as they work hard to create a supportive environment for breastfeeding mothers.