Meet Sami and her mom, Shanon!

Meet Sami and her mom, Shanon!

Shanon, why did you come to MilkWorks after Sami was born?

I came to MilkWorks because my nipples were sore and bleeding and my baby was fussy. My MilkWorks lactation consultant helped me achieve a better latch and heal my sore nipples. I also learned that my baby had some food sensitivities. I attended the MSPI support group, which was a lifesaver for me!

I also used the weigh station often and attended mom's group religiously. I made great friends at MilkWorks that I am still in contact with today. We actually formed a play group when our kids outgrew the MilkWorks waiting area.

How else did MilkWorks help you to be more comfortable with breastfeeding?

Everything I learned at MilkWorks helped me in my position as a labor and delivery nurse. I felt I was better prepared to help moms latch their newborns. MilkWorks was also where I learned to be comfortable breastfeeding in public. In mom's group it was normal to breastfeed, it did not feel weird or uncomfortable.

I was able to successfully breastfeed and follow an MSPI diet through Samantha's third birthday, and breastfeed my second and third children as well. MilkWorks helped me to be more comfortable with breastfeeding in many ways!

What is Sami up to as a 13 year old?

Samantha will be an eighth grader this fall at Pound Middle School. She loves academics and would like to pursue the International Baccalaureate program at Lincoln High School. Sami loves to sing, play her alto saxophone, read, and bake – especially cakes and cupcakes. She is also excellent with technology.