Meet Natalie and her mom, Crissy!

Crissy, how did you end up coming to MilkWorks for help breastfeeding Natalie?

When my daughter was born, I was 18, single, and broke, yet full of hope and ambition as a new mom. Natalie was 5 pounds, 13 ounces when born, so a bit small. I was concerned because I was a smoker. Yet both her father and I are small. I left the hospital not very confident, even though I wanted to breastfeed. They had given me a nipple shield to use and I was worried about what I would do if I lost it.

My doctor’s office referred me to MilkWorks, but I had to call the mother of a friend of mine for a ride, because I had no car. I asked her to take me to see this “IBCLC”. My first impression was overwhelming. Here I was in baggy sweats with a cheap car seat. But then I met Kaye and Suzy and everything changed. These two women embraced and accepted me and my baby. They assured me I was taking care of my baby and breastfeeding her well. They also referred me to their moms’ group and found another mom, Lisa, who would pick me up and give me a ride.

How did attending moms group impact you?

Attending group was more than breastfeeding support. I made lifelong friends, I learned to network with other moms, and I gained a confidence I did not have before. Lisa nurtured me and took care of me in a way that my mother could not at the time. She gave me rides, she fed me, and I learned so much from her.

How did you end up feeling about breastfeeding?

I loved breastfeeding! I nursed Nat for over two years and she never had a bottle. I went back to work at Taco John’s when she was three months old, and my mother would bring her to me on my breaks so I could nurse her.

When Nat was seven, I got married and I gave birth to Nat’s little brother, Nova. Breastfeeding went well with Nova and he also nursed for over two years. I learned about the WIC peer counselor program when I was pregnant with Nova and now I provide breastfeeding support to other moms as a peer counselor and I love it!

I want to thank MilkWorks for the encouragement, knowledge and support you offer to all moms and babies. My decision to breastfeed was backed up by your commitment to moms like me, and what a wonderful opportunity it is to breastfeed. It is about the nutrition, but we all know there is more to it than that!

Give us an update on Natalie.

Becoming a mom to Natalie, and knowing she depended on me, no questions asked, was the best change I could ever have had. She is a gift! Of all the things I’ve been called, mom is what I like to hear best.

Natalie is now 13 and will attend Lefler Middle School this fall. She loves volleyball and spending time with her grandmother.