Meet Emily, and Her Five MilkBabies!

Meet Emily, and Her Five MilkBabies!

When did you first come to MilkWorks?

Somehow I got lucky with my first little guy and ran into no issues breastfeeding. I only came to MilkWorks to get a breast pump. My next four babies were different. I came to MilkWorks in 2005 with my second baby, Carly. I returned in 2008 with Nolan, in 2013 with Walker, and in 2015 with Owen.

What kind of help did you receive from MilkWorks?

I was blessed to work with Suzy each time I came to MilkWorks. I had more consults than I can count, but honestly, I enjoyed every single one as they were part of our journey. Suzy, and at times Dr. Leeper, helped me as all five of my kiddos have been tongue-tied. I definitely won the tongue-tie lottery! Each tongue-tie with each child was different. Dr. Leeper clipped one. Suzy helped me work through issues for two of my little guys with determination and a good latch. This last time around Suzy set me up with a local ENT doctor who was able to help. On top of tongue-ties, my little ones struggled to gain wait and remove milk efficiently. Again…Suzy to the rescue. We worked through triple feedings and getting those little guys on track.

Another life saver from MilkWorks was the Wednesday moms’ group I joined. I bonded with the other mothers in the group in a way I never expected. We were all experiencing challenges. Some were the same and some were different. We formed strong bonds and wonderful friendships and we were there to encourage and support each other.

What services did you access at MilkWorks?

I think I have taken advantage of just about every service MilkWorks has to offer! I have had private consults, been part of support groups, rented and purchased equipment, stopped in for free weight checks, accessed information via the website and Facebook groups, and purchased a pump.

I honestly would not have been able to breastfeed without MilkWorks! I experienced so many struggles. After receiving help the first time, I knew that I would make it through each time after that. The support gave me the motivation and determination to keep working until things got easier.

How do you feel breastfeeding impacted you as a mother?

In a world where so many things are out of our control, breastfeeding gave me something I could control for my child. I knew what they were getting. After spending nine months growing this sweet baby inside me, it was beautiful to continue to be the source of nourish for my child. I now feel confident enough from the help I received that I can answer many questions for friends who have, or are, breastfeeding their babies.

How old are your children now and what are they up to?

Where do I start?!? Cole is 12 and involved in every sport he can fit into his schedule. Carly is 11. Being the only girl with four brothers, she cherishes having her own room and is very involved in dance. We often tease her about her “windshield wiper” tongue that she can stick out super far after being clipped by Dr. Leeper as an infant. Nolan is eight and keeps us on our toes. There is always one…Nolan is that one. Walker is almost 3 and is an ever going, non-stop ball of boy energy. Our sweet Owen is ONE. Time flies way TOO fast, but we have been blessed with five healthy & happy children