Meet Azusa, mom to Alex and Lanah

When did you first come to MilkWorks?

I first came to MilkWorks in the spring of 2009, when my son was a week old or so. I had soreness from breastfeeding, so I went in to get some nice ointment. Ann was my cashier at that time and she questioned me about my difficulty with breastfeeding. I am so grateful that I had this encounter with Ann at that time. That moment has changed my experience of motherhood.

Do you remember how you learned about MilkWorks?

One of my friends who was also a big fan of MilkWorks told me about this wonderful place. I went in to check out the place and took some prenatal courses. I felt I was more prepared for my son's arrival and short maternity leave (8 weeks).

What types of services did you use at MilkWorks?

I saw Ann, an experienced lactation consultant for my difficulty with feeding. My son was not latching on appropriately. We ended up asking Dr. Leeper to have frenotomy done (we had a small portion of skin under his tongue cut) at around 5 weeks. It helped us with breastfeeding tremendously afterwards.

How did MilkWorks help you and your baby?

We attended mom's group diligently. I found a great group of people. We all had issues with raising children and knowing that we all had issues helped me get through some tough times. You get so close to those friends. After 7 years, we still get together every 3rd Thursday for girls' night out. (We all had to miss the last one in November for turkeys, though.)

What did you find most helpful?

Knowing that MilkWorks was there all the time for the care of my baby. I could just call/walk in to ask any questions that I could ever imagine. They would find an answer for me. (And they are open every single day of the week!)

Did you use MilkWorks with more than one baby?

I visited MilkWorks when I had my second child, my daughter. I was more confident with the care of my second baby by then and I had less issues with her care, including breastfeeding. I still went in to say "hi" to all the staff there, checking her weight once in a while, and even to just sit in one of those comfy sofas to relax & breastfeed her during my shopping errands in town.

How do you feel that MilkWorks impacted your role as a mother?

They helped me get my confidence as a mother. I felt that I had control of my life again. All parents have times when they feel lost. MilkWorks supported me from every directions. An important side note for those dads who don't have breastmilk machines: MilkWorks is not only for people with breasts. MilkWorks supports healthy families in our community through providing support to the whole family. My husband took prenatal classes with our first baby at MilkWorks.

Do you feel that receiving support from MilkWorks has helped you to provide support to other mothers?

Definitely YES! All the pregnant girls around me know that I am a big fan of MilkWorks. I even drag my friend to MilkWorks before their big day so that they know they always have support when they need it. One of my friends' baby had so much difficulties with multiple allergies/intolerance on top of difficulty latching. I know MilkWorks was an important part of her motherhood memory.

Tell us a bit about your "babies" now? How old are they?

I have Alex, who is 7 years old and in second grade. He is so big and independent. He wears shoes as big as mine! He loves taking care of his grandparents' puppy, Shelby. He is hoping to get his two front teeth for Christmas. I also have Lanah, who is 5 years old and in preschool. She is also Miss Independent. Everything is about princesses with her now. She has three times as many clothes as I do. She loves dancing. She would start dancing anywhere there's music.... at a shopping mall, in restaurants, and at her brother Alex's guitar studio!