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It's been a busy month ...

It has been a busy month for breasts! First, the Time magazine cover photo and then the publication of Florence William's book about breasts. There has been lots of talk about breastfeeding, which is always exciting if you are a community breastfeeding center!

The other excitement is our upcoming 2nd Annual Milk & Cookies party. This is our main community fundraiser for the year. Coming on the heels of the successful Give to Lincoln campaign, we are honored that so many of our loyal volunteers and board members have spent their time and energy planning this party. Please join us at the home of Ed and Coty Ring to sample sweets and enjoy visiting with MilkWorks staff and supporters on June 23rd!

Asking for money is the one part of my job that is really hard for me. But until the Bill Gates of breastfeeding comes along to make sure we have the resources we need to help Lincoln families, it is part and parcel of running MilkWorks. Every single donation, no matter the size, helps to pay our staff, write a check to our landlord, and cover our liability insurance. In turn, this allows us to educate, support and be here for breastfeeding moms.

Thank you for your support!