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Renewing my Hope

Renewing my Hope

Every so often something happens to renew my hope that we are actually providing better support for new moms. Like when breastfeeding is mentioned as a major factor in obesity prevention..... or insurance companies start to provide breastfeeding help for new moms...... or a donor comes through with a donation just when we really need it.

But I have to say, this year the most exciting thing for me is a diaper commercial!

It starts with a mom sitting alone in corner of a restaurant, looking around nervously with a large blanket thrown over her shoulder and a baby's feet kicking out from underneath. The words, "First Kid" appear on the screen. Then you see a waiter approaching the table smiling, and his eyes widen. Cut to the mom, who is very pretty and confident, exposing part of her breast while her baby is quietly breastfeeding. She tells the waiter, who is briefly paralyzed because he is staring at her breast, that her baby has already ordered. Then a voiceover says, "By their second kid, every mom is an expert! And more likely to choose Luvs."

This may seem like a small thing,but it is the first commercial I know of to expose a breast as much as a beer ad! And this is a breastfeeding breast! It may not be would be nice if the waiter did not over-react. But I think it DOES depict the reality in the US right now. We need to "expose" the public to breasts that are feeding babies until it is mundane. Showing a breastfeeding baby in a TV commercial is a great place to start.

If you are a breastfeeding mom, please breastfeed whenever you can in the presence of others, so it becomes common place and they become comfortable with it. If you are not a breastfeeding mom, please go out of your way to smile at any mom you see feeding her baby around strangers. Change happens one small feed at a time!