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Welcome 2016!

I look forward to 2016 with both joy and a bit of trepidation. MilkWorks opened our doors 15 years ago, in 2001. This year will bring both reflection and celebration to our organization.

Much has happened since a group of women gathered together to make sure that other mothers would have the support that we did not have. Information about breastfeeding has advanced light years.

The first babies we served are now well into their teens and some of them will become parents themselves over the next ten years. Our culture has shifted. We no longer look away in horror when a baby breastfeeds in public (although the thought may still run through many heads). Breast pumps in the workplace are common, private insurance coverage is now covering consultations, and banked human milk is no longer a foreign concept. College students and new grads are excited by MilkWorks and want to be part of what we do.

As we reflect upon MilkWorks journey and where we are going in the years to come, we will take a look at how well we are doing…what we need to change to stay current….and how we will continue to fund services for low income moms. We will also look at the challenges of serving moms who feel pressured to breastfeed and moms who are frustrated when it does not go the way they want it to.

We will do this with input from other care providers, the parents and babies we serve, and our entire community. Parenting, including how we feed and nurture our babies, takes a village of support. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this village!