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Breastfeeding: A luxury ... or a necessity?

The LA Times recently published an op-ed that speaks directly to MilkWorks and our mission here in Nebraska. Author Jennifer Grayson questions whether the fundamental ability of American mothers to nourish their young with free, life sustaining mother’s milk is a luxury for the elite, or a hard fought prize for the intrepid?

We could not agree more.

15 years ago MilkWorks set out to provide a supportive environment for breastfeeding mothers. The message was loud and clear back then from public health experts, and clearly stated by Grayson in her 2016 op-ed: Breastfeeding is full of promise for your baby. We wanted that promise to be available for ALL mothers and babies, not just those who could pay for services.

A lot has changed in 15 years. Mothers with private insurance now have breastfeeding coverage. However, each year we provide consultations to ~250 low income families who do NOT have insurance coverage. Our ability to do this is now at risk.

MilkWorks is working closely with our new Medicaid managed care plans to obtain coverage for low income mothers. In the meantime, we must raise $75,000 to make sure that all moms and babies can access the care that they need. After all, promise should not be a luxury for any Nebraska newborn. OR After all, shouldn’t promise be a fact of life for ALL Nebraska newborns?

Will you consider a gift to help MilkWorks continue to help low income families?