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Stories of Strength

Dads Matter

Breastfeeding wouldn’t be possible without the support I have received from Milkworks and the support I get at home from my husband, Kody. His presence and assistance has been absolutely crucial.

Breastfeeding my son, Oliver, has proven to be the most difficult challenge we’ve faced. My milk didn’t come in for many days, so we had one hungry (and dehydrated) little boy on our hands. My nipples were sore and cracked and I had to use donor milk to bridge the gap until my milk came in. Once my milk finally came in, my breasts became engorged, and Oliver was jaundiced, sleepy and not latching well. Fast forward to calming down an oversupply of milk and then we find out that Oliver has some food sensitivities. It seems like each week has presented a new obstacle to overcome, but through all this, Kody has been right by my side.

In those first few days after Oliver was born, Kody didn’t just attend my MilkWorks consultations, he asked questions, participated and soaked up every little piece of information. He knows and understands much more than I even do!

In those first few weeks, Kody helped with virtually every feeding. He did anything and everything to make the nursing experience as comfortable and peaceful for me, whether that was helping with breast compressions to help my milk let down, changing or burping Oliver, making sure my water bottle and tummy were always full, finding my forever lost nipple shields, or simply sitting with me while I nursed.

He is my rock, always remaining calm and patient, even between the tears (mine and Oliver’s!) and he’s always ready at a moment’s notice (even at 3am) to help in whatever way he can. Kody seems to know exactly what my heart needs - an encouraging word, a good laugh, or just a shoulder to lean on.

I’m beyond grateful for the unconditional love and support I’ve received from Kody and it has made a world of difference in my breastfeeding experience.


(Oliver’s mom and Kody’s #1 Fan)