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Stories of Strength

Food Sensitivity

I'm a mother of four and was introduced to food intolerances a few weeks after my second child was born. After some trial and error and working with a health care provider, once I figured out the foods that were bothering her and I removed them from my diet I had a completely different baby. It was such an "aha" moment when I finally had a baby that smiled and cooed and seemed comfortable! Food intolerances continued with my next two children and while pregnant with my fourth, my oldest child was diagnosed with celiac disease. A big part of what made me successful in my desire to continue to breast feed was the support of other mothers who were going through the same challenges I was and still am experiencing with my current MSPI kiddo. Food limitations are very isolating and frustrating but having a community of other mothers who understand what that's like has helped me feel like I'm not alone.

Heidi is the group leader of the Food Intolerance Group at MilkWorks.