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Community Collaborations

MilkWorks is a nonprofit comprehensive community breastfeeding center committed to helping families in our community. We were founded in 2001 and offer a full range of services, programs and products at our brick and mortar locations in Lincoln & Omaha. We love getting out in the community to collaborate with organizations, hospitals & worksites! 

For more information on collaborating with MilkWorks, please contact Amy Rikli in Lincoln Angie Cantrell or in Omaha.

Worksite Collaborations

MilkWorks values working with employers to enhance their breastfeeding support and breast pump resource list. We are deeply passionate about families in our community and we have much to offer both new and seasoned families, including: 

Employer Assistance
When breastfeeding is supported in the workplace, employees are more productive, healthcare costs are lower, there is decreased absenteeism and decreased staff turnover. MilkWorks understands the importance of supporting breastfeeding in the workplace and we are here to help you navigate the process and be prepared! We offer:

  • Worksite Lactation Room/HR Policy Consultations
  • Breast pump coverage information & insurance filing
  • Medela Symphony breast pump rental for onsite employee use
  • Return to Work class (offered 1-2 times monthly at each MilkWorks location)

Personal Use Pump at Hospitals

MilkWorks collaborates with Nebraska MedicineFremont Health, Gothenburg Health, and Beatrice Community Hospital & Medical Center to provide Medela Pump In Style Advanced breast pumps* to their patients after delivery. Patients are able to obtain a high quality breast pump along with full instruction on how to most effectively use it. This is especially helpful to moms with language and/or transportation barriers. MilkWorks offers Medela Symphony rental breast pumps when there is a medical need. 

*MilkWorks is in-network with all major private insurance plans and all Nebraska Medicaid plans to provide high quality Personal Use Pumps.

Breast Pump & Baby Weigh Stations

MilkWorks partners with organizations to offer Breast Pump & Baby Weigh Stations. Expecting or new mothers can drop in to obtain a breast pump or weigh their baby on a hospital grade scale! We will gladly FAX an update to baby’s healthcare provider upon request. 

There is no cost or appointment necessary to use our Breast Pump & Baby Weigh Stations. Check our calendar for upcoming dates & times!

  • York – MilkWorks offers a monthly Breast Pump & Baby Weigh Station at Four Corners Health Department through our York Area Outreach Program. In addition, in-home breastfeeding consultations with an IBCLC are available if you live within 30 miles of York.
  • Lincoln - Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department offers a weekly pump clinic as well as weight checks by appointment at the Cornhusker Clinic WIC office located at 27th and Cornhusker in Lincoln.

MilkWorks partners with the following organizations to provide breast pumps/education and return to work curriculum as part of already existing breastfeeding classes and outreach:

  • North Omaha – Douglas County Health Department WIC at Charles Drew

Class Partnerships

MilkWorks is proud to partner with Good Life Birth Place to provide our All About Breastfeeding class as part of their prenatal support. Good Life Birth Place opened in Lincoln in the fall of 2017. Their Midwifery Model of Care emphasizes individualized education, counseling and prenatal care.