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Group Support

Please note: Our groups have gone virtual! Please call us at 402.423.6402 {Lincoln} or 402.502.0617 {Omaha} or email for more information on joining one of our mom talk, NICU, or multiples groups! 


Research has shown that women who participate in groups with other mothers tend to adjust to motherhood more easily. MilkWorks offers moms groups throughout the week – to support you through your journey. MilkWorks is a well facility so you do not have to worry about you or your baby encountering illnesses while onsite. There is no fee to attend, older siblings are welcome, and you do not need to register. Join us! 

Mom Talk

This group is for moms with babies or toddlers. It is held in our toddler-safe room. A breastfeeding educator leads the group and makes sure that everyone is introduced. There is always an opportunity to ask questions about breastfeeding but moms also choose to talk about related topics as well. Older siblings are welcome. To receive the link for group or for more information, please email

Lincoln | Tuesday from 9:30-11am

Omaha | Wednesday from 9:30-11am

Check our calendar for more information. 


NICU/Preemie Group

This support group is designed for mothers of babies who are premature, are currently in the NICU, or are a NICU graduate. Led by an RN IBCLC with NICU experience, moms will find support for all of the unique experiences faced when breastfeeding and/or pumping for an early, ill, or special needs baby. Moms are welcome to attend with, or without, baby. To receive the link for group or for more information, please email

Check our calendar for specific times and dates.




Additional Information
  • Our groups are available at no cost because we want parents to have the opportunity to gather with other parents.
  • You do not need to register to attend group. Just drop in. If you are late, that is fine.
  • For wear and tear on the room and safety concerns, we ask that you not bring food or drink to group. If your child requires a snack, we ask that they sit on your lap to eat. Water in a spill proof container is fine.

Please note: MilkWorks is a well facility. For everyone's protection, if you or your child are sick with a cold or virus, we ask that you wait until you are well to come to MilkWorks. In the mean time, please call and we will assist you by phone.

Online Support

Back at work outside the home? Join the 'MilkWorks Return to Work Moms’ group