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Shop at MilkWorks Lincoln & MilkWorks O

Why shop at MilkWorks? 

  • We carry the best and most helpful breastfeeding products 
  • We'll teach you how to use what you purchase 
  • You get to feel good! All of the proceeds from our retail sales support the free education and support services at MilkWorks! 

Please note: While most retail items are available at both MilkWorks Lincoln and Omaha, some products may only be available at one of the two locations. Stop by or call us if you have any questions about our selection of products. 

Nursing Bras & Tanks

Come check out our great selection of nursing bras, tank tops and camis that are great during pregnancy and beyond! We are all certified bra fitters so we'll be sure you have a great fitting and supportive bra, wherever you are at in your breastfeeding journey! We carry bras by Bravado, Royce, Anita, Majamas, Leading Lady & Simple Wishes.

Breast Pump & Breastfeeding Accessories

Looking for a breastfeeding or breast pump accessory or part? Come see us! We carry all replacement parts and accessories for Medela (Pump in Style Advanced, Freestyle & Symphony) and Spectra (S1 & S2) breast pumps. We also stock various other breast pump accessories, such as Freemie, Milkies, Pumpin’ Pals, car adaptors and more! 

Baby Care & Soothing Items

Our baby care & soothing items are hand picked by staff to ensure we offer the best selection. We focus on items that help to soothe your baby - including a variety of swaddle blankets, baby carriers, pacifiers & teethers 

Is there something you'd like us to carry? Send us an email at!

Sarah Wells Pump Bags & Accessories

Sarah Wells Pump Bags are both functional & stylish. In fact, they are the #1 Breast Pump Bag on the market! Plus, with the amazing design & lifetime warranty, these bags are MUCH more than a pump bag! Stop by MilkWorks Lincoln or MilkWorks O to check them out.

We also carry the Sarah Wells Pumparoo Wet/Dry Bag + Staging Mat (amazing!) and the Sarah Wells Cold Gold Cooler Bags.