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A bit of friendly help

As a community breastfeeding center, MilkWorks depends upon grants, donations and fundraisers. This income allows us to provide free moms' groups and drop in weight checks, answer breastfeeding questions 7 days a week and offer reduced consultation fees for low income moms.

Recently one of our funders complimented MilkWorks. She said "You know what you want (to help moms breastfeed), you are very tenacious and you know how to ask for help." Help is exactly what we got when a group of incredible volunteers, led by Sarah McCurley, planned our July 16th Family Festival to celebrate ten years of MilkWorks. It was fantastic!

Breastfeeding moms are a lot like MilkWorks. They know what they want (to feed their babies well), they need to be tenacious (it is not always easy to get babies to breastfeed well), and they need to be willing to ask for help.

Moms got some extra special help this year in the form of Nebraska State Senator Annette Dubas, who also happens to be Grandmother Dubas. Senator Dubas sponsored and prioritized LB 197, which quite simply states that a Nebraska mother may breastfeed her baby anywhere she has a legal right to be.

Thank you, Senator Dubas!