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Ending... or Starting the Mommy War?

Similac (a brand of infant formula) has posted a video that pits moms (and dads) against each other. The video asks, "What's better? Cloth diapers or disposable diapers? Being at home with baby, or working outside the home? Breastfeeding or bottle feeding formula?" While the video hints at humor, it ends on a serious tone.

Parents face a lot of choices in today's world. They are also held to lofty expectations: if they make the "right" decisions and do everything "right," their baby will be 100% safe and perfect. Ask any grandparent and they will tell you that 100% safe and perfect is just not realistic in the world of parenting, or the world in general.

Formula and mommy wars are not the issue here.

There are bigger questions to consider. Do we provide an adequate amount of support for mothers who want to breastfeed? Can moms access timely help once they leave the hospital setting? Do moms hear consistent advice? Do all insurance plans provide a quality breast pump and do all employers make it possible for moms to pump once they are back at work? Does our culture make moms feel comfortable breastfeeding in public? If a mother cannot make milk for her baby, can she purchase an infant formula made from human milk instead of cow's milk?

Fortunately, at MilkWorks we see parents supporting each other, despite the differences in their beliefs and lifestyles. A perfect example is the group of mothers who met six years ago at one of our moms groups. Listen to their story and you will hear a wonderful version of mothers working to support each other. A beautiful tale just in time for Valentine's Day..... and a true celebration of love. The power of mom talk....